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Cachet Cars Ltd - libel

For around three years prior to starting Drive Arrive in July 2015 I was a freelance, self employed and zero hours contract driver for, among others, Cachet Cars Ltd of Cambridgeshire.


In March 2016 a two page document named ‘cachetmarchupdate16’ was emailed far and wide to a large number of people via their email address in which I was libelled. It opened with an intimation that they sacked me for gross misconduct which was the first of a string of vicious and vile lies and allegations about me and my business activities.


One client who's email address is published on the Drive Arrive website’s testimonials page was even sent this document! Another, a multi award winning private hire operator who lives over 50 miles from their address emailed back to ask why he had received it and was told “this document was sent to anyone who knows, or may know Colin Bennett in the future!”


Around this time a number of sustained fictitious, malicious Facebook and Google reviews and dropped phone calls were made against myself and Drive Arrive and the police were informed. Google removed umpteen times a re-posted & highly libellous review before finally blocking 4 separate IP addresses that it continued, one by one to be posted from! PC Glenn Selwyn from Huntingdon Police Station opened a file of harassment and subsequently visited and issued words of advice to Mrs Jayne Beaumont of Warboys, the director of Cachet Cars.


While the abuse has slowed down since then it has taken other forms, all of which have been quashed. One option is for the police to make an arrest so all evidence is being gathered and documented and a top Cambridge litigation lawyer has been briefed. If you have been a victim of their abuse too, have received unsolicited correspondence from them regarding me or Drive Arrive please contact me in the strictest confidence at with the details and I will put you in touch with the police officer and lawyer dealing.


Thank you.


Colin Bennett, Owner, Drive Arrive.

Update: Following a recent Freedom of Information request to our local authority, which strangely encountered a 6 month delay, yet another lie was revealed. An extremely strong insinuation was made to the then licensing officer in an email that I had been '******** *** ** *** *******', an allegation which I found deeply offensive! I immediately contacted the licensing officer to ask why this extremely serious & criminal allegation was never investigated either way by them or the police but have never received an answer. Unfortunately I discovered this vicious & vile lie more than 12 months after it was made so was sadly not able to sue for libel or deformation of character.

Further Update: In October 2018 I was contacted by an officer at Huntingdonshire District Council & asked to remove the above allegation, (it has been replaced above by asterisks) stating that I should never have been sent the information in the first place! They went on to say that under data laws I was to permanently delete all digital copies of the documents I was sent, to arrange for an officer to collect any printed copies I had made & that if I didn't comply it may become a police matter......effectively I was to never mention the allegation ever again & to 'un-know' what was revealed. I can only describe this as a gagging order!

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