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Getting you to your destination safely and on time, especially airports for important flights to catch is non negotiable! We make no bones that we are slightly dearer than a minicab or taxi, allow me to explain why.

A taxi & minicab service operates totally differently to our executive & luxury private hire business usually with standard mid sized saloon cars & often with overworked drivers holding the barest minimum driving credentials. We have a huge duty of care to our clients so our English speaking chauffeurs hold impressive Guild of Professional Chauffeurs accreditation, Advanced Driving credentials &/or have extensive corporate driving experience.

Our primary chauffeur and business owner Colin is first aid trained & discreetly carries a portable AED (Defibrillator) & comprehensive first aid kit in whichever vehicle he is deployed in, how many taxi firms demonstrate that level of safety!?

Our large spacious & meticulously maintained vehicles are the luxury long wheelbase A8 quattro Limousine, the Mercedes E Class Estate and an extra long wheelbase Mercedes V Class with it's massive boot space. All three vehicles are the top of the range prestige models. We also have over 80 owner driver associates on our booking system dotted throughout the country with a vast array of vehicle types including luxury MPV's and mini coaches.


Here are the main points:

Taxi Company: The dispatcher often dispatches a local 'clear' vehicle to you just minutes before your pick up time which can then arrive late, the last thing you want if you have to catch a flight!

Drive Arrive: After you've received a full confirmation from our booking system upon booking we allocate & fully brief your chauffeur before your travel which gives him or her time to fully prepare the vehicle & himself or herself for your journey. 


Taxi Company: The driver, who typically works only locally may have worked many hours of his shift before you require him/her to take you on a long & complex journey to the airport or on business or personal travel.

Drive Arrive: We never overwork our chauffeurs or allocate transfers that don't have time for proper breaks in between. Safety is our number one priority here at Drive Arrive & we know the long distance routes, terminals, car parks & even pot holes like the back of our hands.


Taxi Company: You will probably not know the driver or the vehicle that will arrive.

Drive Arrive: We confirm your driver, vehicle & their mobile number at 17:00hrs GMT the day before your journey via our interactive & secure cloud booking system. You will receive live alerts when your driver is en route & at the pick up & can even see their progress to your door on an eMap. We can also send you a link to their bio & photograph on our chauffeurs page. New clients, until they realise they can absolutely trust us will receive an additional reassurance text message three or four days before confirming the details again.

Taxi Company: Because of lower fares & profit margins it's always a numbers game requiring drivers to get as many jobs into their shift as they can.

Drive Arrive: When you book a car with us, with vast experience of our road networks we carefully & accurately calculate your journey time using some traffic algorithm software so as to give you a smooth, relaxed & safe transfer. With complimentary bottled mineral water, heated reclining rear seats, window & roof blinds, a blanket for the winter, eye masks & ear plugs if you want to sleep your journey will be ultra comfortable & memorable.

Taxi Company: Some taxi drivers don't even exit the vehicle to help with the loading of luggage.

Drive Arrive: Our multi award winning company & chauffeurs fully understand chauffeuring etiquette & we consider ourselves as your butler in the driving seat. Nothing is too much trouble to us & we even offer to stop briefly 'free of charge' on return journeys to collect essential grocery items.

We heard a story recently where a minicab driver dropped a couple at a fairly local airport where within minutes one of them had realised they had forgotten their passport. They immediately dashed back in another airport cab in the time they had before the gate closed to discover the original driver had returned to their house minutes earlier & was on the premisses robbing them!

To summarise: You will always find someone cheap to get you to where you need to go and if the difference in price between them & us is important to you then we fully understand that. We have many clients though who have discovered that for the small amount extra their travel has been relaxed, safe, stress free & in total luxury & comfort.

Many have left us testimonials here so don't just take our word for it. If you have any further questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact us, see below for our contact information.

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