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Our safe, secure and fully compliant cloud quoting and booking system offers simple solutions for complicated times. Quick, easy, accurate and secure is what we do for you.

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From lone one-off private travellers to large international corporate businesses, VIP's & HNWI's you can book one of our own vehicles or any of our 80+ trusted associates via our website booking page. Whether booked via your own interactive booking portal, by phone, email, sms, or the passenger app you will receive reassuring fully GDPR compliant confirmations from the start.

Following your provisional booking request you will receive the details of your hire in a .pdf document which you can check & confirm with a single click. At 17:00hrs (GMT) the day before your journey you will receive a further confirmation email or text message reminding you of the hire details which will contain the chauffeur & vehicle information.

When your chauffeur starts his journey you will receive another to tell you they are en route & another when they have arrived. You can even track your driver to your door on an e-map. If you are a PA, booker or an agent for the passenger you can receive if you wish the same plus further auto alerts when the passenger is safely on board & has been dropped off at their destination. A full & detailed log of every stage of any booking is available via email if required.


Client Portals: If you would like your very own booking portal email us here. Log in is via the 'Client Portal' tab on our website or via your cookies where you can fully manage & amend hires, see prices, add hires, see the status of hires & even the live location of the hired vehicle as they progress. Frequently used locations & passenger details will appear on drop down lists upon typing saving time & possible errors when filling them in. Copying regular hires is a doddle too where you just simply need to change the date & time of the pick up, all done in a couple of clicks.

Passenger app: It doesn't stop there, even passengers can have their own free mobile phone app which gives them all the features & functions listed above. Just search for The Voyager app in the app store & use the code DAET. 

Accounts: For your convenience we can securely save a payment card in our system to simply take the agreed fare on the Monday following your travel or we can set up an invoicing account, whichever is easier for you. 


Embedding our portal: Hotels, private schools & establishments who embed our booking portal into their own website can have their guests, pupils & visitors price & book their own vehicles. The confirmations & alerts can even be branded with the establishments details & logos if required & they may be eligible to a commission on every booking. The Old Bridge Hotel in Huntingdon has enabled this, click here.

Click the 'Book Online' button in the footer below to quickly get a quote, book a car or save it for later.

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