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Our vehicles can often to be seen outside many private hospitals & clinics on our hospital appointment travel service.

Harley Street in London, (pictured below) is a regular favourite with clients who choose us over public transport & minicabs for in & outpatient hospital transport services knowing they will be taken care of in an ultra clean & safe environment. Our principle Guild of Professional Chauffeurs driver Colin, (pictured above) is an ex advanced (IAM) driving instructor, is First Aid at Work, Level 3 trained & even discreetly carries a portable AED (Defibrillator) & comprehensive first aid kit. Our vehicles are insured for hire & reward & in addition we have £5million third party liability insurance cover.

If your procedure is the same day your dedicated chauffeur will wait very locally for your return journey so as to be able to offer a helping hand after appointments. We even provide welcome hot or cold drinks & refreshments free of charge after procedures knowing that very often clients have had to fast for hours before. While waiting time is chargeable return journeys are discounted by 50%. Chaperones are of course very welcome to accompany you at no extra charge. 


We can even supply pillows & blankets to make you as comfortable as possible & with the heated reclining rear seats, extra smooth intelligent adaptive air suspension, 1 foot of extra legroom, blinds, double glazing & even a special noise cancelling system our serene & calming long wheelbase Audi A8 limousine is often the vehicle of choice. Needless to say our vehicles are sanitised & PPE is worn as per the latest government guidelines. Click here for vehicle specifications.

Read our testimonials here, especially number 51 from Sue who speaks of her experience with us. Please do email or call us on +44 (0)7774 419757 for a no obligation & confidential chat about your specific requirements.

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