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Friends reunited

Well who'd have Adam and Eve'd it, look who I bumped into recently!

I grew up in the rough tough East End of London and my best mate at secondary school at that time was Kevin Orme. Like all teenage boys we had a great deal of fun back in the sweet innocent decade that was the 70's and had many a top laugh together. From fermentation and gaseous exchange experiments in the biology lab, running the school's weather station on the roof to racing a K2 kayak all over the south east with the London Borough of Newham's Outdoor Pursuits teams........when we weren't shoving coins into the Asteroids machine in the saloon bar of the Green Man in Upton Park. We seemed to spend so much time as each others shadows back then.

You may already know I ocassionaly drive for Audi and Mercedes at their corporate events when it suits my Drive Arrive schedules. The agency I work for only employ ex police drivers or chauffeurs who have advanced driving qualifications and it was at one of the Audi Polo Challenges in Surrey that we bumped into each other, after 36 years!

From school Kev forged a career in the police and retired recently while I swanned about with a camera for 30 years but we now have a common interest again, driving smart expensive cars and chauffeuring celebs and VIP's.

Needless to say we have kept in touch and will no doubt work together again this year so it will be great to reminisce again at all the schoolboy pranks and japes we got up to all them years ago.

Kev and I at an Audi Polo event at Coworth Park

A tabletop Asteroids machine from the 70's

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