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Management news from Drive Arrive

Eight years after I started Drive Arrive in July 2015 an exciting management expansion took place on November 1st 2023.

Long term friend and industry professional Lee Saunders who also runs a highly successful private hire and chauffeuring operation in Ongar was appointed Operations Manager for Drive Arrive. Myself and Lee have known each other for several years and during a conversation where I spoke of continued growth and the subsequent hours of admin that accompanied it Lee stated he loves nothing more than managing his business and drivers from his Essex home with his wife and IT expert Laura. Lee is pictured below, (right) with Colin

With the same strict business ethics, goals, aspirations, cloud booking and dispatch system and technology platforms a deal was forged where Lee would manage the bulk of our admin and allocations etc while maintaining our extremely high exacting standards which I will be be overseeing as the owner of the business.

I’m now 63 and looking forward to actually spending more time driving clients, marketing the business, recruiting and mentoring drivers, growing the business further while also seeing more of my two young grandchildren. Within two years I will look to sell the business and retire fully to spend even more time with my long term partner and soul mate Isabelle and our families.

Lee can be contacted on and +44(0)7774 419757

I can be contacted on

Thank you.

Colin Bennett.


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