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Life from COVID-19

So nearly seven weeks ago the whole of the UK went into lockdown in fear and uncertainty for our health and the future in general. A lot has happened in that time. People have learned to bake, have been gardening, learned to coexist together and even cut hair.....often badly! The whole country has united and showed great resolve led by and under the shining beacon of Colonel Tom Moore who inspired us all with his amazing fund raising effort for our brilliant National Health Service.

As we carefully observe other countries tentative early steps to a phased return there is a glimmer of hope and certain stirring within these shores of a return to work and normality for us too. While most have enjoyed and actually made the best of the lockdown, especially as we are receiving a generous handout from our government I for one, even though I've kept myself busy have missed work, I miss it a lot actually. I have particularly missed driving clients and liaising with drivers, many of whom are my friends too and even sitting in traffic on the M25.....can you believe that!?

As well as vastly improving our on line booking system I have configured the instant auto quoting and invoicing sections making the whole admin system much more streamlined for a vastly improved booker, passenger and driver experience.

Waiting on a government announcement on Sunday I have been planning for a return to work while still closely monitoring and adhering to the strict and current government guidelines so we are able to offer our services again 'safely' as soon as possible. We are fully equipped with PPE including a stock of face masks, gloves and sanitising gels for driver and client use should they require it. We even have a TACKlife non contact and safe infrared laser digital thermometer for monitoring drivers skin temperature, the same method the airlines will be using to screen passengers. I realise too that we will all have to be vigilant and not let our extra hygiene and decontamination standards drop for quite some time.

I learned recently of a much more efficient way of decontaminating our vehicles. Wipes and gels are only effective if applied directly to potentially infected areas and there is a lot of scope for errors but the latest bit of kit I have purchased kills germs and viruses on a molecular level. Vehicle dry fogging is the Heineken of bio decontamination as it reaches the parts wipes cant reach and even decontaminates the air conditioning system where many bugs take refuge. Let me show you how it works in this short video.

So as you can see we really are taking our customer and driver safety extremely seriously and I know we are in a great position on the starting blocks with everything in place ready to safely resume business as soon as restrictions are eased sufficiently while still remaining fully compliant to social distancing rules and the need for PPE.

Why not give our new on-line quoting and booking system a try here. However if you are an existing client we will have all your details in the system and you may even have a discount code set so it would be best if you contact us the way you have before to take full advantage of that.

On another note I personally want to thank our local NHS heros and have written this blog If you know anyone who works for the NHS in Cambridgeshire we are giving away two £300 travel vouchers and a 15% discount for all NHS employees and I'd be grateful if you would pass this link to our 'Reward our heros' Facebook page on to them -

Thank you for your time, please stay safe and we hope to see you soon.

Colin Bennett.


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