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Upgrade of our luxury service because being the best drives us.

“Are you sure”, they said, “you must be mad” they said. All of these things I heard from colleagues in the industry when I told them I was looking to upgrade, buy an Audi A8 and move away from the recognised Tristar badge.

Those of you who have travelled in our long wheelbase Mercedes S Class have been really impressed with its comfort and ride. In 2015 when I started Drive Arrive I made a promise that I would provide the very best vehicles and service I could.

In my opinion our new Audi A8 far exceeds the S Class in comfort, style, ride and the all important safety features. Improvements and investment are key to any businesses success and I want you to have the best with this greener 48 volt mild hybrid vehicle.

Our new A8 was compliance tested, licensed and insured for hire and reward on January 31st and has already received high praise from the dozen or so clients we have transferred. While our annual price review in line with inflation took place on January 1st there is no further increase for this vehicle, fares are priced the same as the now decommissioned S Class.

The rear Audi comfort pack offers all the same luxurious features the S Class did with its heated reclining rear seats, panoramic glass roof, window blinds and huge leg room etc. Our A8 offers clients more control of certain features of the car like access to the Bang and Olufsen Sound system, control of the reclining lumbar seating, heating and air con, mood and matrix lighting and the 5 blinds via a removable WiFi tablet. It even has 2 USB, 12 'and' 240 volt charging facilities in the rear cabin so phone and even laptop power is a doddle for businessmen needing to work in the quiet double glazed, yes double glazed interior!

Your chauffeur hasn't been left out of all these remarkable upgrades either. The car is equipped with a whole host of useful features to make your journeys even safer. Adaptive cruise control, lane assist, amazingly bright matrix headlights, intelligent air suspension and dynamic ride are just a few of the features. Every winter I as the operator worry about snowfall or icy conditions which with even a small amount would have seen our S Class remaining on the drive. This four wheel drive quattro in the hands of Colin and Peter, both advanced drivers, will not leave passengers stranded.

If you would like to book this vehicle for your next luxury transfer simply click here to obtain an on-line quote in just 20 seconds

Alternatively please contact me at or call on 07774 419757 and I'd be very happy to work a quote out for you. Please don't forget too that our executive level Mercedes E Class estate is also available for approx 10% less.

Further YouTube videos:

Thank you for your time.

Colin Bennett.


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